Digital Marketing Strategy

Save time and money by pursuing the most effective, profitable digital strategies for your company.

"Modern marketing is the practice of making something worth talking about, developing empathy for those you seek to serve and being in the market in a way that people would miss you if you were gone." - Seth Godin

Creating a digital marketing strategy will define exactly who your audience is, where they are, and what you need to do to convince them to take advantage of what you offer.

We explain your options and help you prioritize them to get the results you want.

We can also execute the strategy and manage your digital marketing efforts.


Discovery & Research

We will work with your team to understand who you are and what you do. We also define your audience and help you determine the best ways to reach them. We use targeted questionnaires, interviews, competitor research, existing branding material analysis, and data analytics to inform our analysis. This information will guide everything we do, so you get a digital marketing strategy that works for your organization.


Brand Analysis & Recommendations

After we have clearly defined who you are, who your audience is, and the goals for your digital marketing efforts, we will give you feedback and recommendations. We will help you understand all our recommendations and the reasons behind them, so you can put yourself in front of your audience in the most effective, profitable ways possible.


Once we have the basic strategies in place, we will develop a detailed digital marketing plan that will get you in front of your audience. We’ll give you a full written report outlining the specifics of an effective digital marketing plan for your organization:

  • Full user personas including a full profile of each persona, demographics, what they are passionate about, strategies for reaching them, and how they think about your organization and its products or services.
  • The best digital marketing channels and high-level tactics to use in each for the best long-term results.
  • Recommended ad spend for Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization strategies, and Social Engagement tactics to maximize ROI.
  • Prioritized recommendations for each channel, so you know how to distribute your budget, personnel, and time.
  • A customized plan to take advantage of existing marketing channels.
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Get Started

Let us help you prioritize your marketing efforts to get the best return for your time and money.

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