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Sandy Edwards

Personal History:
I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Hospitality Management and Event Management. I have an amazing husband and son whom we homeschool. We love to go on adventures and travel to WordCamps together as a family.

Work History:
I have worked in several different fields through the years. I grew up working in the family business and started there in the summers at the age of 10. I have worked in sales for about 10 years selling shoes, events, cell phones, and even websites. I moved from sales to project management at a small firm to help out and fell in love with project management and development there about 5 years ago.

Web Development History:
I started in web development 3 years ago when I was working as a project manager and got frustrated waiting on developers to help me put the last bit of polish on a web site. I sat down with a paid online code course and spent one weekend and that is all I did. From there I surrounded myself with WordPress developers and now I am working as both a PM and a developer.

Nerdy Things I Love:
HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Apple Products, PS4, Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, Reading

Other Things I Love:
Playing Guitar, Singing, Choir, Helping Others, Homeschooling My Kiddo, RC Car Racing, Hanging out with my extended family.

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