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Jac-Martin Dorion

Creative Director

My Personal history:

I graduated from Collège Salette in Montreal with a BA in Design and Computer Graphics. I am married and a father of a wonderful daughter. In my free time, I enjoy discovering how amazing my family and friends are, playing with my phone, and, reading everything about design and UX.

My Work history:

Since August 2014, I have worked as the Art Director/UX Team Lead for I am currently the Creative Director for Sideways8 Interactive. Previously, I have worked as the Senior Lead Visual Designer at AT&T, Creative Director/Online Strategist at, Field Producer/Art Director/Broadcast, Graphic, and Web Designer for WebMD and as the Senior Graphic Designer for Conceptis Technologie.

My Project History:

I have worked closely with the very talented marketing team to revamp CareerBuilder’s corporate signature to be released on their 20th anniversary. With AT&T, I worked on the U-Verse apps for iPad, iPhone and Android, and the AT&T Call International app. I also worked on the Consumer Design Language System (CLDS 2.0) for Télé réZin.

Nerdy things I love: The technical drawing instruments section from STAEDTLER, kitchen gadgets, and my Pebble Watch.

Other things I love: I enjoy cooking, road trips, life hacks, and discovering new food places with my loved ones.

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