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Adam Walker

CEO, aka "The Hat Man"

Personal History: I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2003 and was married two weeks later to my beautiful wife Jess. We have five children. Yes, I know, that’s the size of a basketball team. No, we aren’t Catholic of Mormon (I wish I was joking about how often I get asked that).

Work History: After college, I went into vocational ministry. In my early twenties, I worked as a Youth Minister at several churches, then as a Community Minister. During this time I also worked for myself as a professional web designer in order to supplement our income. In our late twenties, my wife and I pursued aspirations of planting a church in Decatur, and it was during the beginning of this journey, while interning at West Ridge Church, that I met Aaron. The church plant didn’t go as planned, but during that time, my website business grew steadily. During this time I also worked more and more with Aaron and then in late 2009 we formed Sideways 8 Interactive (unofficially formed in 2009, legally formed in 2010).

Web Development History: I created my first website on geocities in the early 90’s when most people didn’t know the difference between the internet and AOL. Then I moved into writing my own HTML websites or modifying templates (it was still early development years so cut me some slack). Later I moved into some flash development but ultimately found that I didn’t like flash. After meeting Aaron I started developing sites from scratch (thanks for setting me straight, Aaron) and using WordPress to power the sites, which is what we still do today.

Nerdy Things I Love: Swift, Marketing startegy, podcasting, PHP, HTML, CSS, WordPress, studying all things previously listed.

Other Things I Love: Spending time with my family, podcasting, blogging, reading, writing and sitting by a good fire.

I blog about digital marketing here, and about productivity, habits, and leadership at

I podcast at and

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