Tek-Industrial Case Study

A new, custom website helps an industrial computer manufacturer stand out from the competition

The Client

TekVisions has been selling high-quality touchscreen computers for over three decades. In 2019, they launched Tek-Industrial to target the industrial marketplace. Tek-Industrial manufactures and sells heavy-duty computers that are built to withstand the toughest factory environments.


The Challenges

Speaking to regular people

One of the very first things the Tek-Industrial team told us is that they were successful despite their website. The website for their parent company, TekVisions, didn’t highlight the products or features that would appeal to an industrial audience. Tek-Industrial’s customers need specific kinds of information, like detailed spec sheets. But since that information wasn’t on the website, the Tek-Industrial team knew they were losing leads.

Organize information

Tek-Industrial has great products that fit a wide variety of industrial needs, but those products weren’t well-organized online. Only the most intrepid visitors could find what they were looking for, and when they did, the content was sparse, vague, and unorganized.

They needed to make sure the different audiences coming to the website could find what they needed — fast. Potential customers needed to be able to view products and get a quote. Existing customers needed to find repair requests and support information. And everyone needed to be able to contact the team to have their questions answered.


Emphasize value

Tek-Industrial is more than a seller. They are a manufacturer with a long-term commitment to their customers. You wouldn’t know it looking at their old website, but they offer custom solutions to their customers if they don’t offer the right product off the shelf. And their heavy-duty metal casing means longevity and fewer replacement costs. The parent company’s website lacked these value propositions, so customers were missing some of the key features that makes Tek-Industrial stand out from the competition.

Show their expertise

With over three decades in the industry, Tek-Industrial has the expertise. But that experience wasn’t showing up on the website. There were no logos of well-known customers, no industry-specific terminology, and no spec sheets. Website visitors might have come away with the impression that the Tek-Industrial team didn’t really know the industry — which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Content needed to be easy to update

Like all businesses, Tek-Industrial wanted their website to just work so they could focus on their customers. They needed to link the website to their MailChimp setup, and they had multiple forms that needed to go to separate inboxes. And with new products and features coming out all the time, they wanted to make sure everything was easy to update.


The Solutions

Streamlined organization and new content

  • Clear content that highlights the features their audience is looking for, including a home page, About page, multiple product pages, and a new contact page
  • Products organized into categories and subcategories to make it easier for customers to find what they need
  • New contact form with optional questions about the project to help the sales team research the best products for a customer before reaching out to them
  • A strategic user flow with clear and consistent calls to action

Modern design and functional build

  • New color palette chosen to compliment existing logo and draw attention to key parts of the website
  • Clear imagery featuring products in isolation and in different environments
  • Cohesive style applied throughout the site to improve consistency and branding
  • Clean code and compressed images to decrease page load times and improve user experience
  • Templates set up for the client so that new content can be added with a consistent layout and style

SEO Optimization

  • Comprehensive keyword research to determine the best words to target
  • Keyword best practices used to optimize copy and ensure the correct audience can find not only the website, but also the correct content.
  • Titles, meta-descriptions, and image alt tags written and submitted for each core page. This provides clear and organized information about the website and ensures it is displayed correctly by all search engines in the search results.

Customized Features

  • WordPress and Beaver Builder used to make it simple for the team to update content
  • New support center created with online form to request repairs
  • New contact form with project-specific questions created
  • Online spec sheets and product information added to enable customers to do more research before contacting Tek-Industrial
  • Local version of the website set up so the client can display the site at trade shows with or without wireless access

The Results

  • Intuitive, organized, functional website that speaks to Tek-Industrial’s target audience and conveys their products, value propositions, and experience
  • More information about project requirements submitted to the sales team, improving their outreach efforts
  • Central source of reliable information about the product setup specifications for clients who have purchased from Tek-Industrial
  • Clean, well-designed site that can serve as a strong marketing tool for the company to use at trade shows
  • Over 400 visitors to the website in the first month

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