CaringWorks Case Study

A complete website overhaul leads to more visitors and more interest for a Georgia nonprofit.

The Client

CaringWorks is a nonprofit working to end homelessness in Atlanta, Georgia, one person at a time. Their approach encompasses multiple housing solutions as well as support services, including mental health care, addiction treatment, education, and employment assistance.


The Challenge:

Speaking to regular people

Previously, CaringWorks focused almost all of their attention on grants. Now they want to reach out to individuals, encouraging them to donate or volunteer. But their content was dense, wordy, and littered with unfamiliar technical jargon. Long, intimidating paragraphs made it difficult to read. The navigation was confusing and the messaging was scattered. The result was an intimidating website that failed to reach their target audience.


Showing their work

CaringWorks knew that their approach worked. But nobody else did. The website lacked any cohesive messaging that showed their impressive results. There were few stats, few stories, and no financial information. It made them look inexperienced and even ineffective.

Overcoming donor fatigue

The problem of homelessness can feel unsolvable, and their website wasn’t helping to dispel that notion. It wasn’t inspiring, thought-provoking, or eye-catching. Pages loaded slowly, the website felt dated, and everything lacked punch. There was also no clear discussion of the problems of homelessness or the path forward.

Creating less work for their small team

The CaringWorks team serves hundreds of clients each year. Their small team is extremely busy, and their website created more work instead of making their lives easier. The news section was stressful and rarely updated. There was no way to for people to volunteer and help the CaringWorks team. And because their website didn’t clearly state what they did, they fielded a lot of calls and emails from people who needed help CaringWorks didn’t offer.


The Solutions:

New website organization & content

  • Complete reorganization of the website to make navigation easier and more intuitive
  • Thorough content revisions to avoid jargon and simplify concepts for their target audience
  • Improved donation page with tangible examples of how donations are used
  • New content created to educate and inspire their new target audience, including:
    • Impact pages to highlight impressive statistics, community impact, and personal stories
    • Financial reports made public to inform detail-oriented donors
    • How to Get Help page to guide and inform those who needed CaringWorks’ services

Eye-catching, contemporary design

  • Overall design that moves this nonprofit from the past into the present
  • Modern palette chosen to compliment existing logo and other marketing materials, creating a cohesive and professional image
  • Hopeful, eye-catching imagery to inspire visitors
  • Videos, stories, and images of real clients throughout the website to connect with visitors
  • Consistent style and design principles applied across the site to improve cohesiveness and consistency

Features to decrease workload of CaringWorks’ staff

  • Intuitive WordPress build makes content updates simple
  • Training sessions and videos provided to help staff members keep their website current
  • New online forms for corporate and individual volunteers to increase volunteer pool
  • Clear messaging to reduce incoming calls with questions about services and requests to donate items like furniture
  • Easy-to-update careers page to attract high-quality candidates

And More

  • Dedicated page to recognize corporate sponsors
  • SEO optimization
  • Clean code and build to ensure fast load times for visitors
  • Improved security
  • Resolution of a URL hack that redirected visitors, helping to re-establish their reputation.

The Results:

  • Beautiful, fast, secure, functional website that truly explains what CaringWorks does to their target audience.
  • Traffic increased by 37.8%
  • Dwell time increased by 30.8%
  • Page load time decreased by 26.9%, even with added videos and higher-resolution images

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