Our Work

Our Work

We've been helping organizations reach more people since 2010.  During those years we've grown our service offering and refined our processes enabling us to make a bigger impact. 



The non-profit sector is one of the most passionate around, which is why they are some of our favorite projects. With our level of experience, we can make sure you reach the right people, increase donations and memberships, and ultimately, make a bigger impact on the world.

Tech Companies

One of the biggest complications that technology companies face is communication. We have the experience and skills to help your company reach the right people, clearly communicate your message, and create a professional, cohesive brand.

Other Industries

We work with more than just Nonprofits and Technology companies. With hundreds of websites under our belts, we are currently combing through to find our best work.  Stay tuned as we'll begin adding case studies giving you a deeper dive into the problems we've come up against, and the solutions we've provided for our clients.

Our Results
Cayce Dunn

"Streamlined navigational elements and vibrant graphics have contributed to a 28% increase in party sales and 30% growth in clicks. Sideways8 Interactive’s forward-thinking suggestions, adaptable workflow, and high quality standards make the partnership both rewarding and enjoyable."

Director of Marketing
Children's Museum of Atlanta
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