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Story, Concept, Design | Sideways8 Interactive

Episode 98 – Story, concept, design.

Today we chat with Michael Vamosy. Michael is a graphic designer by trade. During his career, he has ...

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Share deep content and revisit the history of your mission. | Sideways8

Episode 100 – Share deep content and revisit the history of your mission.

My guest on the show today is Rufaro Matombo. He is an experienced and versatile digital content manager ...

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Don't Chase Algorithms | Sideways8 Interactive

Episode 99 – Don’t chase algorithms.

My guest on the show today is Katie Koranda. Katie is the Digital Content Specialist at Feed My ...

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Hi, I'm Adam Walker

Co-founder of 48in48 and Sideways8


Originally we created Good People, Good Marketing specifically geared towards the nonprofit space.  What we found over time is that the things we were talking about work for all types of organizations. Here you will find our podcast about digital marketing and all of our blog posts that we feel will be helpful as well. We will also add more resources in the near future, so stay tuned!

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Marketing Blog

8 Nonprofits to Support this #GivingTuesday

If your social media feed is filled with posts featuring the #givingtuesday today, you’re not alone.  For the ...

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Podcasting: An Effective Marketing and Business Development Strategy

Podcasting as an Unexpectedly Effective Marketing and Business Development Strategy

If you only think of podcasting in terms of creating content and building an audience, you are missing ...

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nonprofits increase donations

How nonprofits can increase donations through an email nurture campaign

All nonprofits want to increase donations. Only a few nonprofits have discovered the power of creating an email ...

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