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Episode 56 – Innovation and Creating a Culture of Innovation

My guest on the show today is Jesse Lane. Jesse is the Chief Marketing Officer of Pure Charity in ...

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Episode 57 – Don’t follow the digital marketing crowd

My guest on the show today is Raj Choudhury. (Chowdry) Raj manages and inspires the teams that produce stellar ...

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Episode 55 – In Marketing, listen first, listen well

My guest on the show today is Andy Harrison. Andy is the VP of Technology at Hothouse Inc and ...

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Hi, I'm Adam Walker

Co-founder of 48in48 and Sideways8


Originally we created Good People, Good Marketing specifically geared towards the nonprofit space.  What we found over time is that the things we were talking about work for all types of organizations. Here you will find our podcast about digital marketing and all of our blog posts that we feel will be helpful as well. We will also add more resources in the near future, so stay tuned!

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Marketing Blog
Podcasting for Marketing and Business Development

Podcasting as an Unexpectedly Effective Marketing and Business Development Strategy

If you only think of podcasting in terms of creating content and building an audience, you are missing ...

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nonprofits increase donations

How nonprofits can increase donations through an email nurture campaign

All nonprofits want to increase donations. Only a few nonprofits have discovered the power of creating an email ...

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Organizational growth

Make sure you always know the next step

Doing digital marketing and driving traffic to a great website is important, but then what? What’s the next ...

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