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Before starting your Project Assessment (at the bottom of this page), there are a few things we would like to go over.

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Do you have Clearly Defined Goals?

Without clearly defined goals, we'll have a difficult time hitting the mark. If you already know them, that's great! However, if you are looking for a partner to help you deep dive and identify them, we can help there too.


Do you Believe in this project?

Our clients and our team are people who are passionate about what they do. We want to be a part of your team. If you are only looking for another 'vendor' to add to your list, we might not be a good fit.

Is there an Allocated Budget?

The budget conversation can be scary. How can you make sure you are not being taken advantage of? This journey you are about to take with us is an investment into the future of your organization. It cannot be expected to solve a large problem with a small budget. What's reasonable to reach your goals?

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Who is Responsible for this project?

Building a website and digital marketing strategy is no small task. It's going to take full attention to ensure a successful project. On our end you'll be assigned a dedicated project manager who has access to all the necessary people and resources to pull this off. We ask that your organization assign a single point of contact for us to work with, to act as the face of all stakeholders .

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A stronger Dragon Army is here.

We’ve been acquired by one of Atlanta’s fastest-growing agencies, Dragon Army. Through this partnership, we are proud to offer expanded capabilities in the areas of web, mobile, content, and branding to better serve our clients and partners. Excited to be a part of the Dragon Army family!

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