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We've helped build a program called 48in48, which builds 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours. Our team has helped build hundreds of sites through 48in48.

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nonprofits increase donations

How nonprofits can increase donations through an email nurture campaign

All nonprofits want to increase donations. Only a few nonprofits have discovered the power of creating an email ...

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digital marketing

The most important part of any digital marketing project isn't what you think

We get a lot of RFPs (request for proposal), some that we respond to and others that we ...

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Nonprofit UX – stop thinking in personas

Most practitioners of UX are familiar with the idea of Personas. This is the practice where you research ...

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The Podcast

Interviews with nonprofit digital marketing professionals


On the Good People Good Marketing podcast we interview marketing professionals in the nonprofit sector asking three questions...

  • What is working well?
  • What did you try that didn't work?
  • What are you excited about?
Dragon Army
Big News – We’re Stronger Together!

Today Adam is joined by Rachelle Kuramoto and Jeff Hilimire to share exciting news – we’re stronger together….

Simple is not easy | Sideways8 Interactive
Episode 123 – Simple is not easy.

Katy Smithy of Greenheart International, a cultural exchange organization connecting people all over the world, joins the podcast to talk…

Bring in user-generated content and rely on digital ambassadors
Episode 122 – Bring in user-generated content and rely on digital ambassadors

Heather Friedman of LifeLine Animal Project joins the podcast to share what is and isn’t working in digital marketing, and…


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It's Our Code!

48in48 is a nonprofit that holds events to build 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours. These are location specific allowing local professionals to give back by using their skills to help organizations in their communities.


Sideways8 employees have also been participants at each of the events helping to build sites, handle on site support, and be available as a resource whenever necessary.

The Sideways8 team has been an integral piece of the puzzle by developing the technology platform with which these events are held. We've created a custom portal that uses a unique integration of WordPress. This platform allows each event to house 48 websites that have identical tool sets available to them allowing each team to quickly build a new website for their nonprofits.


Sideways8 co-founder Adam Walker is also co-founder of 48in48 along with Jeff Hilimire of Dragon Army. They set out initially to hold one of these events in their home city of Atlanta. Due to its great success, they started branching out and 48in48 has since been held in New York, Boston, Minneapolis, Bloomington, and Durham. This year 48in48 will go international and add London to that list!

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