Frequently Asked Questions

We've put this page together in an effort to answer some questions that come up often.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

This is my first website or marketing project, how does it work?

Even though this is your first time, there's no need to worry. We've worked with people of all skill sets and can definitely help you.  During our initial conversations, we'll help you assess where you are and how much or little hand holding is necessary to ensure a successful project.  We have processes in place every step of the way to not only keep you informed, but also to help educate you.

How much does a website cost?

The trick question! As every website project is different, it's hard to put a single price that covers everything. Before we are able to give an estimate or proposal, we need to gather some more information. For example, who are you? Who are we doing this for? What are our goals together?  Is the website just for marketing purposes? Does it require any custom functionality? Are we automating any of your business processes?  

Once we've fleshed out the details we can offer a more appropriate price.

That being said, on average, our website projects start around $8,500 for a standard marketing website. 

How long does it take to build a website?

Similar to the last question, we really need more information before we can come up with a timeline.  On average, our projects last between 8 - 12 weeks.  

This timeline can be expedited depending on the speed at which our clients can respond throughout the project. 

Where should I host my website?

Technically you can host your website anywhere that allows WordPress (the content management system we build all of our sites on). However, we recommend that you host with a company that offers managed WordPress hosting. 

Our favorite providers are WP Engine, Godaddy, Flywheel, and Pressable.

If you choose to stick with us and one of our Website Care Plans, your site will be hosted at WP Engine. 

Can we ensure our website works on Mobile devices?

Definitely! For many projects we start from a 'mobile first' perspective: What is the minimal amount of data that we can use to get the point across, and the user where they need to be?  

We also test our websites for the three different view ports that are most often used: Phone, Tablet, and Desktop/Laptop.  

There are a number of tools we use to test this during QA.

Do you do Online Store websites or Ecommerce?

While we do work on many sites that require online payments, at this time we do not work specifically on Ecommerce Stores.  Each store is unique and requires serious thought into content organization, shipping fees, taxes, payment merchants, product variations, and more. 

Due to this we often recommend working with a company that specializes in Ecommerce.

What is a Content Management System (WordPress)?

Almost every website you see online these days is built on top of some type of Content Management System.  The CMS allows users to 'log in' to a website and "manage the content". For example, using WordPress, you can log in to your website and make edits directly to text or images on your pages and blog posts. All of the data is stored in a database making it easy to edit and re purpose as necessary.

Will I receive any training or documentation?

When your website goes live, you'll have access to a number of training videos showing you exactly how to use the different tools your website has.  

We'll also do a training call / screen share with you showing you exactly how your website works.  During this we'll do a screen capture and create some additional videos that are specific to your website.

Do you offer Social Media and Email Marketing service?

We love helping our customers come up with a plan that incorporates all digital marketing opportunities including social media and email marketing.  Taking a holistic look at everything allows us to craft a specific cadence that makes sense for your business.

Do you do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is something we feel should be looked at with every project.  The research that goes into SEO gives us great feedback and can even drive much of the page content throughout your site. 

We do offer SEO audits, strategy, and ongoing support. 

Who will write the content for my site?

Our website projects always start with content first.  We'll assign a Content Coach to you during our discovery and strategy phase. As far as who will write the content, that is entirely up to you.

The Content Coach is there to ensure we have all the content necessary before we start designing or developing. If they need to write it all entirely, they will.  If you would prefer to write the content and have them review and edit, that's fine too.

Do you design logos?

Yes we do! Our design team does logo design. We also do full brand building and overhauls. 

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