Why originality matters in digital marketing

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Why originality matters in digital marketing

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Have you ever walked down the beach with a small child? They love to look at all of the shells and think that each one is so interesting. Then, as a child gets older, less shells stand out as interesting. Later, once they are an adult very few shells are interesting, and it takes a lot for a shell to get attention. I think that is what the internet is like right now. At first, just doing digital marketing made any company that did it interesting. Now, everyone does it, and only once in a great while does a company do it well enough to garner any real attention. With so much to look at online, only the exceptional stands out.

Being original in digital marketing isn’t easy, but it is critical if you want your digital marketing to make an impact. This is why I cringe when I talk with clients that just want to copy someone else. I believe there is a lot to learn from what a competitor is doing, but there is always room to improve on what they are doing and make it your own.

I believe that originality matters in digital marketing because:

  • It shows that a company cares enough to stand above the rest. No one wants to work with a company that does the bare minimum. But, everyone wants to work with a company that is exceptional, that pays attention to detail, and that goes the extra mile.
  • It shows that a company is thoughtful. Good digital marketing takes the ability to be thoughtful. Doing it well requires learning about your market and understanding how they tick and what they need. People love that.
  • It tells the company’s unique story. Every company is different and has something different to offer customers. Good digital marketing must reflect that.
  • It speaks in the company’s voice, setting the tone for customer interaction. All digital marketing communicates subtle things. Is this company serious or fun? Is this company about straight talk or sales talk?

I encourage you to be sure that your company’s digital marketing is thoughtful and that you have taken the time to make it original. It will take more time and be more work, but it will pay off in the long run in spades.

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