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What does your company do?


It’s a simple question, that is rarely met with a simple answer, “what does your company do?” Companies are complex and tend to do a lot of things. So, when you are meeting someone new for the first time, and they asked the dreaded question, “what does your company do?” it is easy to give a long and detailed explanation as their eyes glaze over.

Several years ago I had a new client and asked this question. We had two 1-hour phone calls and were now in an in-person discovery meeting. That in-person meeting lasted for two hours, and it was only at the end of all of that, 4 hours total time, that I fully understood what they did. What they did was pretty simple, and I was able to articulate it back to them in one sentence to sum it all up.

It’s naturally hard for people working in the midst of complex organizations to summarize what they do simply, and that’s ok. That is one of the things we help our clients with, telling their story in a compelling but concise way. This is critical for all marketing efforts, the ability to say what you do and why you are different simply and easily.

Taking Sideways8 for example:

What we do: We build, maintain, improve and drive traffic to websites.

Why we are different: We actively communicate, build with quality in mind, and always do what we say.

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