Updated headshots for our updated website

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Updated headshots for our updated website


While working through the update of our website we wanted to include more info about our amazing staff.

We know the importance of a human connection in a digital world. It’s far to easy to forget there’s a real person on the other end of that email or phone call. Along with getting a short bio and some fun facts from the team, we also brought in one of the best Atlanta headshot photographers, Leah Roth to help us out.

The goal was something simple, clean, and that would match the updated website and be on brand. We tried out a backdrop that matched closely.

Leah was extremely easy to work with to help us meet our vision. She made sure we were comfortable with the timeline and being in front of the camera and delivered the final images quickly.

Along with putting a face to a name once you’ve started working with our team, we are aware that people and organizations that are finding us online. We are also aware that you are digging into the details, like who’s on the team and doing the work.

Just as we would recommend to anyone we work with, we’re helping to increase trust through transparency using our #1 marketing tool (this website!).

Check out our Team page to learn more about us.

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