3 Reasons every small business should do content marketing

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3 Reasons every small business should do content marketing

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If you are a company with a team of 8 to 88, I would argue that doing content marketing is likely critical for your business development. It’s easy to avoid, most companies start by saying they don’t have the time or that people don’t come to their website, or that they don’t sell through their website. To that I say, you are wrong. Everyone has time for what is truly important, people do come to your website to see if you are legit, and you may not sell on your website, but you will lose business by having a bad one. So, here are 3 reasons every small business should do content marketing.

  1. It builds trust. When a potential customer lands on a companies site that has a lot of great content, believe it or not, they read it. As they read the content, they get to know the company, how they think, what their values are, etc. This builds trust with the potential customer. I can’t tell you how many potential clients I talk to who have read several of our blog posts. They read them, and it’s like they know us before they have even met us. It’s great!
  2. It’s the best thing to do for SEO. Let me share a secret here. Google wants to serve up the best content possible to match someone’s search. Therefore, it would follow, that if you intentionally produce the best content available on your particular subject matter, Google will notice and reward your effort. The best thing you can do for SEO is to create content specific to the keywords you want to rank for. But, it can’t just be any content, it needs to be great content that is specific. If you can do that for a sustained period, you can win in Google all day long.
  3. It is helpful, and that is the main thing. The thing I love the most about content marketing is that it’s goal must be to be helpful to the user. Sure there is a huge payoff from SEO, credibility, etc. but the primary thrust of the content has to be that it is helpful. Its easy to get this wrong and write content that is just self-serving, avoid that temptation. Seek to help people, and you will be happy you did.
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