Pain Points in Building a Website and How We Respond

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Pain Points in Building a Website and How We Respond

pain points in building a website

I have been thinking a lot lately about how painful website builds can be, and how I want Sideways8 to be better than our competition and building amazing websites. There are surprisingly few pain points involved in building a website, but those pain points can be very large and can derail a project quickly. Below is a list of the pitfalls I see in most website projects and how we want to combat those pitfalls.

Bad communication

I can’t tell you how many clients have come to us and told us they just had to give up on communicating with their last website developer. I have heard horror story after horror story about website developers taking a check and never responding, never completing projects, etc.

We have specific communication goals at Sideways8. If we get an email before 3:30pm, we will respond that day. We answer the phone when it rings if we aren’t on a call or in a meeting. If we get a voicemail before 3:30pm, we return it the same day. Everyone on our team knows this, and we consider it critical for our business. Additionally, we often will opt to hop on the phone with a client rather than go through an endless thread of email back and forths.

Additionally, we often will opt to hop on the phone with a client rather than go through an endless thread of email back and forths. If an email has gone back and forth twice and there is still not certainty about the communication, it’s time for a call to make sure things are straight. At Sideways8 we will communicate better than anyone else, and we will do it with complete candor and sincerity.

Bad People

Sometimes a website project goes south because the people involved aren’t good people. Maybe someone is passive aggressive or an outright jerk. Or, maybe, someone makes promised they can’t keep just to get or keep the business.

We don’t do that. First, we only hire great people that have integrity and values. Second, we all speak with complete candor and with kindness. We will always tell the truth, even when that means losing a sale. We believe that what is best for our client is ultimately what is best for us as well, so we do everything we can to guide our clients to make the best decisions possible.

This also means we won’t work for clients that are unkind or difficult. I would rather lose a client than have someone on my team mistreated and devalued. I will fight for my team and back up my team always.

Slow Turnaround

Website builds can be slow, but they don’t have to be. Historically we have quoted designing and building a custom website in about fourteen weeks. However, lately, I have been working on a way to streamline the process, with the goal to get our projects down to eight weeks. I want to do this because business is moving faster and faster and so often our clients need their new site quickly to continue to grow effectively. If our team can move quickly and prepare and help our clients through the entirety of the process, we will be better for it, we will produce a better quality website, and our clients will be thrilled with the fast and amazing work.

Website Content

Getting or writing website content is the worst part of 95% of the website projects I have worked on over the last 15 years. Clients underestimate the time investment they will need to make to rewrite all of the content on their website, which can cause huge delays. The worst culprit took two and a half years to send me updated content for their website. Around the time their site went live it was already outdated!

We want to make website content planning and writing easy for our clients. To that end, we help with consulting around the website content, planning for what content needs to be re-done and even re-writing content as needed.


Website builds don’t have to be awful. With the right team and the right strategy, a website build can be fun and quick. Our goal is to be that go-to team for midsize companies looking to take their website to the next level. We want to do it with great people, great communication, and insanely fast.

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