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A Page Builder Must Have Add-On

Page builders are more common in the WordPress community now than ever.  There has been a void for content formatting for years.  As much as we all love the WP Editor (more specifically TinyMCE Editor), it doesn’t even make it easy to have two images side by side.  To do that, you would have to create a gallery.

But what if you wanted to have an image on the left, then some text to the right, and then another image?  How could you accomplish this?  If you know HTML and CSS, the answer is easy, but if you don’t know those things, then you are stuck.

Hence the need for page builders.  Personally, I think Beaver Builder and Elementor as the two best out there.  In fact, I’ve spoken at WordCamps in the Southeast about the page builders, comparing 7 of them in WordCamp Atlanta (my talk in Tampa was better, but it never made it to for some reason).

There is still one thing missing that most page builders don’t do, and that is where Blank Slate comes in.  If you are using Beaver Builder (the plugin, not the theme) there is no way to give you a blank page.  That is true for most of the page builders.  My WordPress plugin allows you to select a template without a header and footer, giving you full control of the page.

This plugin is great for landing pages, squeeze pages, or just for a page where you need nothing on the page but something you can drop into your page builder.



Aaron Reimann

Aaron is a designer turned developer turned an agency starter. He was been working with WordPress since 2008. He has worked on WordPress projects with companies ranging from Fortune 100 companies to the local sewing machine shop. He regularly speaks at Meetups and WordCamps and currently helps lead the Atlanta WordPress Meetup.

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