One reason I love using WordPress

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One reason I love using WordPress


Today I set out to build some complex stuff for 48in48. The kind of stuff that would take months or years to build from scratch, but that I can build with WordPress and a few plugins in a day or two. Here is what I needed to build:

  • A custom user registration form for my website
  • A learning management system that would allow me to create courses and lessons for each course
  • A CRM to help manage the data for my new users
  • A way to integrate it all, where I could have a nonprofit sign up, be auto-assigned to courses, automatically get access and information about the courses and have all of this integrate with my CRM giving me updates as the nonprofit progresses through the course.

So, I built all of that, without writing any code or doing anything particularly complex. What would have taken months to develop (best case scenario) I was able to build in a day with a few hundred dollars worth of plugins. That is the beauty of WordPress.

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