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Maximize Your Google AdSpend

Google AdSpend

Did you know that you can specifically target your potential online customers? If you aren’t already familiar with Google AdWords, your business is really missing out! It is really easy to waste money utilizing this service without the proper knowledge of how it really works.  So, here are some tips to save your hard earned money and maximize your Google adspend.

Selecting Keywords: When you go through the process of selecting specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business, adding any word or phrase may seem like a great idea. Keep in mind though that you don’t want any and all traffic. It is extremely important to take your time with this part. Using search terms that are too general may target customers that either aren’t ready to buy yet, or not even looking for the keyword you have turned up for. This could result in clicks on your ad that they really aren’t looking for and costing you money in the meantime.

Using and Understanding Match Types: It is very important to understand this part so you don’t waste money by targeting irrelevant search queries. This can cause you to also pay more for certain keywords than needed. If you choose the correct match type you can spend less money on a bid to get the results you want.

Broad Match: This covers any misspellings, synonyms and other relevant variations of a word or term. If you were to bid on “memory foam mattress” on a broad match, you would also show up for results for “mattress topper”. It is relevant, yes, but do you actually sell mattress toppers? If you were to use the exact match instead for “memory foam mattress” then that is what you would turn up for in that specific search.

Phrase Match: This match type will only turn up ads for searches that include the exact keyword phrase you have chosen, but they may change the order up a bit. Let’s say your keyword phrase is “memory foam mattress”. You would also turn up for “mattress memory foam” or even “memory foam mattress reviews”.

Exact Match: This match type only allows your ads to show for searches that match your keyword or phrase exactly. Hence the name, exact match. Your traffic will be lower using this match type, but can save you money!

Negative Keywords: Using negative keywords are a great way to reduce the amount of unwanted traffic. Simply by plugging in negative keywords such as, “mattress”, it will significantly cut down on people who aren’t looking for “memory foam mattresses” and may be looking for a “waterbed mattress” instead. Utilizing negative keywords combined with proper match types and your other keyword choices will really help maximize your ad spend.

Specific Targeting: Google Adwords allows you to specifically target your potential customers by location, age and even gender. Not only that, but you can target them through device targeting such as desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Lastly, you can schedule your ads to run only during specific days and times if you would like. There are so many options with this PPC platform that allows you to customize how, when and where your potential clients see your ads to get the most out of your money.

Reporting with Google AdWords: Google offers a wide variety of very helpful reports that can help you decide what changes need to be made to your campaign to get the most bang for your buck. The Search Terms Report will provide you with search terms people have used and how they found your product. This helps determine what keywords need to be added to your negative keyword list or perhaps a new relevant keyword you hadn’t thought of that needs to be added. There are many other reports that you can generate to help you hone in on any problems that may lie in your campaign and provide you with solutions to those problems.

If you are in need of a Google AdWords account or have one that needs an overhaul and don’t have the time to learn all of these amazing tricks, please contact Sideways 8 to start maximizing your ad spend today! 


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