The most important part of any digital marketing project isn't what you think

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The most important part of any digital marketing project isn't what you think

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We get a lot of RFPs (request for proposal), some that we respond to and others that we don’t. When we get an RFP it always plays out the same way, I read the RFP, have a million questions (because most RFPs are terrible, which is why we created, and I reach out to the organization that sent the RFP to schedule a time to talk through my questions.

What is shocking is that about 20% of the time the organization that sent the RFP is unwilling to talk to me or answer my questions. They feel that they have summed up their needs perfectly and there is no additional need for further information to be given. Those are typically the RFPs we don’t pursue.

Let’s take a step back and think about how this might play out in another scenario. Let’s say my car is giving me trouble, and I want a mechanic to tell me the cost to fix it. Knowing my car more intimately than anyone (from a drivers perspective), I take the time to document what it is doing, even going so far as recording a video of the sound it is making. Then, I send all of that data to the mechanic and boldly ask for a quote without giving the mechanic the ability to even look at the car. I may be a quote, but I think we can all agree that it will be nowhere close to accurate.

The same is true with a digital marketing RFP. Most organizations have a great idea of what they want, but often can’t fully express it, or don’t realize that the solution they are pursuing might not be the right one!

Therefore, we believe that the most important part of any digital marketing project is discovery. This is the reason I always call to talk about an RFP. This is the reason that we study, research and dig into a client’s project before ever starting work.

We believe that the best way to have a successful digital marketing project is for us to work with a client to fully discover and understand their needs and how this digital marketing solution will meet those needs. Only through in-depth discovery can we hope to have a successful project.

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