Five ways to improve your nonprofit's social media presence today

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Five ways to improve your nonprofit's social media presence today

Five ways to improve your nonprofit's social media presence today

Every nonprofit should be active on social media. It helps you to engage with people more quickly, raise awareness and grow your audience in a way that other marketing can’t. Social media also lets you connect in a more personal and interactive way. It might not be as personal as an in person meeting, but it’s worlds better than a mass mail letter!

How should a nonprofit go about handling social media in our fast paced business culture. For most nonprofits, the first thought is to outsource it to an intern. But, before you walk that path ask yourself this. I my organization was invited to speak to a crowd of 500 people about what we do, would I want this high schooler or college student to be the one on stage doing the speaking? If the answer is no, don’t give them access to your social media accounts.

If using an intern is a bad idea, and it usually is, then what are the alternatives? Two good ones come to mind, engage with a professional to manage your accounts, or have a staff member manage them. This article is for that nonprofit staff member tasked with managing the social media accounts and about a million other things as well.

Here are five ways you can improve your nonprofit’s social media presence today.

  1. Close old and defunct accounts. If you aren’t using it, get rid of it. If you signed up for Twitter thinking it would be great for your nonprofit but you never really got into using it, trash it. An old account with stale information isn’t doing you any good and it might be doing you some harm.
  2. Setup alerts so that you can respond quickly. If someone posts on your Facebook page or mentions you on Twitter and you respond two days later, it doesn’t make your nonprofit look engaged. At best you look aloof. So, set up phone notifications for those apps so that you can respond quickly, engaging with people and creating better conversations online.
  3. Post often. A social media account that only posts once every few months looks unprofessional and unengaging. It says to the people on that platform that you don’t really want to connect with them. Every nonprofit should post content on social media several times per week in order to remain engaged in the platform and conversation.
  4. Post original content. Don’t just retweet or share links to other sites all of the time, that’s easy and users know it. Make sure that you are creating content that is meaningful to your users and then sharing that content on social media.
  5. Curate other top content. Posting original content is important, and sharing relevant curated content with your audience is important as well. If you come across articles that you know your followers will want to know about, make sure to share it along with a couple of thoughts on it. This mix of original content and curated content will help your social community connect with you more frequently and learn to appreciate your nonprofit’s perspective.
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