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Digital Marketing
What Churches, Nonprofits and Civic Organizations must understand about Digital Marketing

Marketing Nonprofit Story Telling

I work with a lot of churches, nonprofits, and civic organizations, mostly helping them with websites and digital marketing. In…

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5 Best WordPress Blogging Plugins to Start 2017

Story Telling Website Content WordPress

I love blogging. I have blogged personally for years at and here as well. In the course of blogging…

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Fight to make it simple

Marketing Story Telling Web Design

Let’s be honest; we love complexity. We shouldn’t, but we do. We love busyness and the feeling that if things…

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What do you do? 3 Things to consider
What do you do? 3 Things to consider

Business Philosophy Marketing Story Telling

It’s a simple question, “What do you do?” but one that is often difficult for clients to answer. A few…

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Good messaging makes an impact

Marketing Story Telling

When Jeff and I set out to create 48in48 we had a simple idea. Nonprofits spend all they have doing…

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