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Beaver Builder Visual Hook Guide How To

How to implement action hooks based on Beaver Builder using a child theme

One of the guys (Bret) showed me this plugin that is on GitHub and I figured it would be helpful for a lot of people that aren’t quite sure how to use the plugin to create a video. This video will walk you through downloading the plugin from GitHub, enabling the plugin, and then creating action hooks within the Beaver Builder Child theme.

Hit me up if you have any Beaver Builder development questions. We’ve done a decent amount of work extending Beaver Builder.


Aaron Reimann

Aaron is a designer turned developer turned an agency starter. He was been working with WordPress since 2008. He has worked on WordPress projects with companies ranging from Fortune 100 companies to the local sewing machine shop. He regularly speaks at Meetups and WordCamps and currently helps lead the Atlanta WordPress Meetup.


Thanks! I figured if one person uses the video, that’s great. I’m going to go through these steps anyway, I might as well record them.

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