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content marketing
3 Reasons every small business should do content marketing

Marketing Website Content

If you are a company with a team of 8 to 88, I would argue that doing content marketing is…

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mixed menu
5 reasons your next website needs a mixed menu (hamburger menu & traditional menu)

Nonprofit Web Design

A hamburger menu is a silly name for the icon that started by depicting a menu on a mobile device….

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When Miscommunications Happen – Part 2

Business Management

Several years ago I wrote a post titled, “When Miscommunications Happen, ” and that post has gotten a lot of…

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5 Best WordPress Blogging Plugins to Start 2017

Story Telling Website Content WordPress

I love blogging. I have blogged personally for years at and here as well. In the course of blogging…

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The first question to ask in every website project

Marketing Web Design

Every company has a love-hate relationship with their website. Many love to ignore it and hate to do anything with…

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3 digital marketing mistakes every mid-size company makes and how to stop

Web Design

At Sideways8 we have the privilege to work with a lot of mid-size companies. I say privilege because mid-size companies usually…

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The Dana Barrett Show
Adam on The Dana Barrett Show on biz 1190 AM


I had the opportunity to be the first guest of 2017 on the Dana Barrett Show earlier this week. If…

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write great content
The one thing website owners need to write great content

Website Content

Time. That is all that is needed to write great website content, the willingness to spend time on it. In…

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#48in48NYC Live Blog

Web Design

7pm People are arriving and the event is getting rolling. I’m so impressed with the organization and the volunteers that…

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5 ideas to spark creativity for writing website content

Website Content

Creativity is not about waiting for inspiration; that is a myth. Sure, sometimes inspiration might hit and move you to create,…

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A stronger Dragon Army is here.

We’ve been acquired by one of Atlanta’s fastest-growing agencies, Dragon Army. Through this partnership, we are proud to offer expanded capabilities in the areas of web, mobile, content, and branding to better serve our clients and partners. Excited to be a part of the Dragon Army family!

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