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We don’t talk about it enough, but believe it or not we do more than just custom WordPress design and development. We work with clients on content strategy, social media marketing, search engine optimization and more. But today, I want to talk about our SEO services. With so many Atlanta SEO services and so many options, what makes us different? Well, it’s the same thing that makes is different in web design and development. It’s our approach and client care that makes us different.

When we think about Atlanta SEO services and work with firms to create strategies around those services, we think holistically. We want to understand how the SEO services that we are providing will play into the overall marketing strategy of the company and what their business goals are for the campaign. When thinking through Atlanta SEO services we don’t just think about SEO. We make sure to look at the whole picture, ensuring all of the marketing pieces fit together in a cohesive strategy.

Our client care also makes us different. We love our clients and we take the time to look out for their best interest. That means that we often take the time to make a phone call rather than send an email. It also means that we look for ways to go that extra mile so that every client gets even more than they expected.

Things to consider when looking for an Atlanta SEO Services company

  • Does the company do SEO for their own site?
  • Does the company have existing (and happy) SEO clients?
  • Is the company responsive? Do they answer the phone and respond to email quickly?
  • Is the company promising something that they cannot guarantee? We see this a lot, where an SEO company will promise to get a client to the front page of Google. The problem is, the only company that an guarantee a placement on the front page of Google is… Google. Be wary of companies making promises they aren’t sure they can keep.

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