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How to add a Font Awesome icon as a menu item

How to add a Font Awesome icon as a menu item using Beaver Builder

This video shows you how to add a Font Awesome icon into a WordPress menu using Font Awesome that is packaged into the Beaver Builder theme.

Font Awesome icon

I’ve started recording a lot of videos, this being the first, for 48in48 (If you don’t know what 48in48 is… we build 48 websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours).  At the events, we have 150 (or so) volunteers building these web sites and a lot of times, they have a lot of web experience, but little to none WordPress experience.

That is why I’ve created these videos.  The super awesome volunteer might not know the best way to implement Font Awesome when it comes to WordPress.  Hopefully these videos will help for 48in48, but also I figured we can post these for the general public.


Aaron Reimann

Aaron is a designer turned developer turned an agency starter. He was been working with WordPress since 2008. He has worked on WordPress projects with companies ranging from Fortune 100 companies to the local sewing machine shop. He regularly speaks at Meetups and WordCamps and currently helps lead the Atlanta WordPress Meetup.

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