5 ideas to spark creativity for writing website content

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5 ideas to spark creativity for writing website content


Creativity is not about waiting for inspiration; that is a myth. Sure, sometimes inspiration might hit and move you to create, but it’s rare. More often, creativity must be cultivated. I have to be creative a lot, creative problem solving, creating digital strategies, writing, etc. If I waited for inspiration all of the time, I would never get anything done. Plus, I have five kids, so if I waited until I had that perfect, silent (yeah right), inspirational moment, this post would never get written, no website content would get written. Instead, I have to spark creativity often. Here are some methods I use.

5 ideas to spark creativity for writing website content:

  1. Turn off wifi on your computer and put your phone on airplane mode. I realize that sounds scary, but let me ask you this, if someone can’t get ahold of you for one hour will the world end? Most of the time we feel like we can’t go entirely off the grid, but that is just a lie. You can go off the grid for an hour, even two, and most likely no one will even notice. If you don’t believe me, try it, I dare you.
  2. Read a bit of the type of content you want to emulate. Don’t copy someone else, but read and make notes to get ideas. Sometimes before I write a blog post, I will read a series of them just to gather my thoughts and launch into a new line of thinking.
  3. Take a walk. Often a quick change of scenery will help to spark new ideas. You can use a recording app on your phone to record your thoughts for when you get back to your computer.
  4. Set a timer for 3 minutes and start writing, knowing that you will scrap a lot of it if it’s not great. Just write whatever comes to you, you can edit later. Get everything in your mind onto the screen. After three minutes if you aren’t on a roll then stop and try again later, but usually, after three minutes you will be rolling, and the content will come more quickly.
  5. Write early in the morning. If you aren’t a “morning person” then get coffee quickly. Write early because you can devote all of your mental energy to it before it has been spent on other things throughout your day.

I try to write about 20 minutes a day, and these ideas help me to focus in and create. I hope they help you too.

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