3 ways to improve your nonprofit's social media presence today

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3 ways to improve your nonprofit's social media presence today

3 ways to improve your nonprofit's social media presence today

Social media is easy to do, but not easy to do well. I find that most nonprofits struggle with social media and have trouble getting traction. I have thought a lot about this and consulted with industry leading professionals (a podcast about this will be coming out soon) and have some ideas that will help. Here are three ways a nonprofit can improve their social media presence to make a bigger impact.

3 ways to improve your nonprofit’s social media presence today

  1. Pick one platform and own it. It’s tempting for a nonprofit to hop on every social media platform. It’s even tempting to jump onto the new ones and give them a test drive. But, typically that wastes valuable time. I find it’s better for a nonprofit to pick a social media platform and own it. If you are a nonprofit that loves images, dig into instagram. Take the time to understand how it works and how people gain followers there. Then take the time to thoughtfully engage there. Each social media platform is different, and they all require a unique approach. Make sure you understand the approach and spend all of your time in social media on that one thing.
  2. Carve out 15-minutes a day. One of the most common things nonprofits do on social media is nothing. They do nothing because they haven’t prioritized being engaged on social media. I suggest doing a little time blocking in your calendar to force you to have time for social media. If you carve out 15-minutes each day to engage on the social media platform of your choice, we will be surprised by how much you will get done. During this 15-minutes take 5 minutes to engage with the platform and see how the top users are using it. Then, take the next 10 minutes to plan out what you want to post there. Make sure you use some of the things you learned in that first 5 minutes of discovery.
  3. Create content specific to the platform. Do not post the same thing to every social media platform. This is seen as inauthentic and will get you very little traction. Also, when you post the same thing to every social media platform, you are putting out generic content that is not customized to your specific audience or to the way things work on that particular social platform. If you are going to use Facebook, do some research into the top nonprofit Facebook pages and seek to learn what they do, the emulate that.

With these methods and just over an hour a week your nonprofit can begin to get traction on social media. Doing this can affect volunteerism, donations and overall impact. For just 75 minutes a week, I think it’s worth the investment!

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

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