3 ways empathy makes us better at what we do

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3 ways empathy makes us better at what we do


Empathy is important to relationships. Being able to talk with someone and put yourself in their shoes is the only way to understand who they are, where they are, and how you can help them. Empathy is also the only way to navigate out of a sticky situation when a client feels their needs haven’t been met. In working with clients, we have found that we need empathy at the beginning of the project to understand a business and how a new website will help it. We also need empathy at the end of the project so that we can look at their new website from their perspective, making sure it meets the needs we initially discussed.

Being able to empathize with our clients lets us:

  1. Take ownership of our client’s needs. If I can feel the pain they feel from their website and digital marketing; I can fix that pain. But, if I don’t honestly feel it, we don’t own that pain, and can’t fix it as effectively.
  2. Go the extra mile. When we empathize with clients and look at a project through their eyes, we always end up going that extra mile for them. Maybe that means building a few extra pages, or maybe it means sitting down to help them with content for an hour that wasn’t in our agreement, empathy always equals going beyond ourselves to help someone else.
  3. Make people happy. When you empathize with someone and then meet them where they are, they love it. And, when our clients are happy, we are happy too, so it’s a win-win.
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