3 digital marketing mistakes every mid-size company makes and how to stop

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3 digital marketing mistakes every mid-size company makes and how to stop


At Sideways8 we have the privilege to work with a lot of mid-size companies. I say privilege because mid-size companies usually have a marketing director and some budget, but not a large marketing staff, so we can dive in and help in a bunch of ways, which is fun! In working with many companies like this, we have noticed three digital marketing mistakes that most mid-size companies are making, so thought we would share them here and some ideas of how to fix them.

Mistake #1 – Assuming the website is good enough

Most digital marketing drives a user to your website. If your company’s website is just adequate, that is exactly what the user thinks about your company; it’s adequate. I don’t know about you, but I never want my company to be described as adequate. We want to be great, or we want to be nothing! No business just wants to be adequate, we all want to be the best, and your website must show that!

The Fix: If you have an old website or a website that is simply “blah,” make it better. Either come up with incremental improvements, or do a total overhaul, but you have to do something, fast. It will cost you money, but what is one more client or customer worth to you? If a killer website cost less than say, the revenue from 10 new customers, a new site is a no brainer.

Mistake #2 – Not having helpful content on your website

A website that is never updated is doing you no good. Users can tell the content is stale, and Google isn’t giving you any SEO love. You need to make sure your website is helping your clients and customers. Do you have information on there that they need? Are you informing them, helping them, guiding them toward the right answers, not just to the products and services you offer? The best way to make digital marketing work for you to is to create amazing content that people need. It is very hard to do, but well worth the payoff.

The Fix: Write a whitepaper that will help your clients/customers in their decision-making process. Or, start a blog that you will write on once a week, minimum. Writing content isn’t as hard as you think. Here are a few posts that will help with content writing:

Mistake #3 – Not having a social media plan

If you have a social media account for your company that isn’t active, that’s a problem you should fix today. Clients and customers will check you out through your website and social media, if either or both are stale, you have a problem.

The Fix: Make a social media plan and stick with it. If you are only going to post three times a week, that is fine, but commit and stick to it. Social media is about interaction and consistency, if you start there, you can grow it down the road.

Digital Marketing for mid-size companies is critical for success

Many mid-size companies make the mistake of ignoring digital marketing and only dealing with it when it is so bad it can no longer be overlooked. That puts the company reacting to the market and usually means falling far behind the rest of the competition. Instead, a company must stay ahead in their digital marketing, focusing on the critical things so that they can gain the fleeting attention of potentials clients and customers.

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