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Atlanta SEOSEO isn’t as much of a mystery as it seems. Sure Google’s algorithm is a bit mysterious at times, but knowing Google’s goal and focusing on that makes doing SEO a bit more straightforward. What is Google’s goal? Google wants to give people they page they want to find. It’s really as simple as that. So, if you want to rank well in Google you have to make sure that your page has the best information out there.

Basic Components of SEO

  • Competitor Analysis

    If you aren’t doing well with the keyword phrase, but your competitor is, doing a competitor analysis is a great place to start. We look at a competitor’s website and analyze what they’re doing with their keywords in order to understand their SEO strategy and work to overcome it.

  • Keyword Research

    The most obvious keyword phrase is often not the best choice. Typically the most obvious keyword will have a lot of searches but also a lot of competition. Through keyword research we seek to find keyword outliers. These are typically keyword phrases that get a lot of searches but do not have as much competition. Often they are keyword phrases that are also more specific. This is helpful in two ways: it helps to narrow the audience and draw in only the right users, and it is easier to optimize for because it is more specific.

  • Site Setup

    Once we have a plan in place it’s time to optimize the site for SEO. This includes an in-depth analysis of the website as well as title tags and descriptions for each page.

  • Link Building

    Link building may not be as important as it once was, but it is still important to have good links coming to your website. We help find good, innovative ways to build links coming back to your site.

  • Content Creation

    Good content is the best thing you can do you for SEO. We help organizations with writing, consulting, or other methods to produce good content that works well.

Atlanta SEO Firm

We aren’t just an Atlanta SEO firm; we design and build websites as well. This puts us in a unique position to help organizations that want to rank well in Google. We can help think through everything from user experience to sales funnels to e-commerce, and obviously love to work on SEO. Being local to Atlanta allows us to serve our Atlanta SEO customers well, and visit them when needed. But, being a virtual agency allows us to do business across the world through the Internet. So, if you are based in Atlanta or not, we would love to help you with your SEO needs.

SEO Services

Organic SEOAdwords / SEMLocal SEOMobile SEO
Organic SEO means ranking highly in Google’s unpaid rankings. This is the most important type of SEO as many users will overlook the paid rankings to look for the organic ones. Organic SEO is a process, and requires great content writing and strategy. It can be extremely effective at increasing traffic and therefore increasing business.
Atlanta SEO is more than just organic SEO. Often SEM (search engine marketing) is needed. SEM (also known as PPC or Pay Per Click) typically means using Google Adwords to pay for clicks for certain keyword phrases. This can be a very effective strategy, but it must be used in the right way or you’ll spend a lot of money and get very little return.
Optimizing Atlanta SEO for local businesses can be a great way to draw in new customers. This includes optimizing your listing on Google maps and working in other local searches to make sure that you rank well and they are able to utilize your reviews.
Mobile SEO is simply about making sure that your site has a good mobile experience. This is another one of those places were being a web design and development company helps us with SEO work. We work to be sure that our clients websites have a great mobile experience.

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