Our Values

We take our values seriously.

In fact, we have spent a lot of time thinking about them, crafting them, and implementing a set of values that we believe in and hope to use to impact our clients and the world.


Communicate Well

We admit that communication is surprisingly tough in our industry.

Our focus on communication happens on several levels.

The first kind of communication we focus on is internal communication. We work as a virtual team, which we believe transfers over into our written communication skills.

The next area where communication really matters is with our clients. To communicate with clients well we set up regular meetings and check-ins and communications protocols to make sure that everything is covered and everyone is on the same page.

The last area where communication matters is in our work. The entire point of digital marketing is to communicate well. We aim to create websites, PPC campaigns, SEO work, marketing automation, etc. that truly communicates the perfect message to a customer.

That’s our goal every time.

Do The Right Thing

This value has been at the core of Sideways8 since the beginning. We always work hard to treat our clients, partners, and team the way we want to be treated.

We work to keep a humble but confident posture towards others, allowing us to learn and grow as individuals and as a team. From this posture we are always asking the question, "what is the right thing to do in this situation?" and then we follow that as our guide.

Doing the right thing means putting people first.

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Stand Up & Stand Out

Stand Up.

The people on our team are the kind of people that stand up. We are the ones that hear about a need, and stand up to do something about it. Standing up is about going the extra two miles needed to make things amazing.

This value is what lead our team to help create and build 48in48. 48in48 is a nonprofit that hosts events where digital marketing professionals volunteer their time and skills to build 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours. Our team has volunteered and been on site at every 48in48 event to date. We also came up with the original plan on how to complete this monumental task. And, recently, we built out the technology to make it all work so that the event is scalable to multiple cities.

Being a part of the Sideways8 team means being the kind of person that looks out for others, that stands up for them. We are the people that raise our hands to help first, and not just first, but enthusiastically. We are the people that will stand up, every time.

Stand Out.

We stand out from the crowd. We do this in several ways. The first is that we communicate unusually well (see above). The second is that we stand up (also above). The third is in the creativity and quality of our work.

The websites, marketing campaigns, content, emails, etc. that we create are not meant to be the run-of-the-mill work that you can get from any contractor or two-person webshop. We aim much higher. Our work is on par with the huge agencies in the highrises of downtown Atlanta. Only we don’t charge huge agency fees. Our goal is to offer the value and quality of a huge agency in a way that is more accessible to nonprofits, software startups, and other businesses.

(Bonus Value) Sarcasm!

We love sarcasm and a little snarkiness. It comes out internally as we joke and have fun as a team. Sometimes it takes the form of off hand comments that crack us up. Other times it’s a photoshopped team member’s head on someone else's body.

The point of this value is that we have fun together and genuinely like each other. Though we may be far apart in miles, we are as close as a company team can be. A part of that closeness is a thread of sarcasm and fun.


A stronger Dragon Army is here.

We’ve been acquired by one of Atlanta’s fastest-growing agencies, Dragon Army. Through this partnership, we are proud to offer expanded capabilities in the areas of web, mobile, content, and branding to better serve our clients and partners. Excited to be a part of the Dragon Army family!

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