Marty Eason

Personal History

Raised on a ‘lot’ of land in the outskirts of Georgia. An early adopter of technology and especially the internet. Self-taught programmer and web developer with a knack for understanding complex problems and finding simple solutions.

Work History

Mostly worked as a freelance web developer during the early part of my career building or customizing functionality and business process automation. Was talked into learning the “WordPress” way and have since spent time figuring out how to utilize and integrate available libraries with WordPress. After many years of contract and freelance work, I was offered a full-time position at Sideways8, eventually leading to the Senior Developer position.

Nerdy Things I Love

New programming libraries, the space-time continuum, efficient coding, wanzwa!

Other Things I Love

I’ve been mastering music since early high school. Starting with the guitar I quickly leveled up studying work by Yngwie Malmsteen and other virtuoso's. Since then I’ve increased my collection of instruments and continue to grow my knowledge of each. I have several albums of progressive metal and other weirdness available online, and I really enjoy the recording process as much as actually playing.

Recommended Reading

1984 by Orwell, George

 “Sounds good” - M. Eason


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