Bret Phillips

Personal History

Throughout my life I've been interested in electronics and computers. I grew up on the internet; so long ago, that people still thought it was weird to have friends ‘online’. I've always been good at explaining technical things to non-technical people, which is likely how I've made where I am in this industry.

Growing up I was involved in sports. My favorites are Swimming, Volleyball, Soccer riding things with two wheels. Always an entrepreneur, my first 'business' was selling mistletoe at the end of my driveway during the holidays.

Eventually I would start my own website development shop. I've been a performing musician since High School, spending the last several years touring the southeast.

In April 2016 I asked my favorite human (now my wife) to marry me. She and our two dogs live in Atlanta and enjoy all the perks of being city folk.

Work History

I have a background that spans both sides of the internet from marketing, strategy, and development, to hardware, servers, and hosting. Graduating with a degree and focus in network administration, I spent several years as a Network Administrator.

Having grown up in the early internet, building websites for personal projects was always a hobby. When the company I was working for sold, I started a WordPress Development company which later merged with Sideways8.

My current role at Sideways8 is business development. This includes understanding the real needs of the clients, allowing me to properly scope and prepare projects for the team. I have a passion for processes and having started a business, enjoy coming up with solutions to operations.

Nerdy Things I Love

Almost any sci-fi television or movies, even the real cheesy ones. The Internet. Reading books about business and self growth. Audio engineer and room acoustics.

Other Things I Love

Creating, performing, and recording music. Dogs. Being on, in, and near the beach. Travelling to places I've yet to experience.

Recommended Reading

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss  - I would start with this book because it’s a great way to frame out a lifestyle.  It also leads right into several other books by the same author, and a world of literature that is similar. I’ve been reading this book about once a year since 2011. Each time it speaks to me a different way. The concepts from this book help me to continually think about ways to stay efficient and make sure I’m working on things that are important to me.

“I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music." - George Eliot


A stronger Dragon Army is here.

We’ve been acquired by one of Atlanta’s fastest-growing agencies, Dragon Army. Through this partnership, we are proud to offer expanded capabilities in the areas of web, mobile, content, and branding to better serve our clients and partners. Excited to be a part of the Dragon Army family!

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