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Sandy Edwards

Sandy loves to get things done. From managing a project to developing a website she loves to help others grow their businesses online.

Sandy EdwardsSandy Edwards

Aaron Reimann

Lead Web Developer

Aaron is one of the co-founders of Sideways 8 and the lead geek on most projects. Look at him, pretty geeky, but also pretty awesome too. He also writes in 3rd person.

Aaron ReimannAaron Reimann

Adam Walker

CEO, aka "The Hat Man"

Adam is a co-founder of the company and leads business development. He loves to be out meeting with people… and wearing cool hats of course.

Adam WalkerAdam Walker

Garrett Rappaport

Jedi Web Developer

Garrett is a full-stack developer that loves building awesome web stuff that can assist people in their personal and professional lives.

Garrett RappaportGarrett Rappaport

Gina Deaton

Project Manager

Gina works on things that are technical and creative. She loves to write and help with strategy, but also pitches in with building sites and managing data.

Gina DeatonGina Deaton

Jac-Martin Dorion

Creative Director

With 18 years of experience, Marty’s role is to guide all visual design. His attention to detail and passion for excellent design help make sure that every site features a great user experience.

Jac-Martin DorionJac-Martin Dorion

Recent Blog Posts

The stuff we think about... all the time.

Episode 43 – Test based digital marketing for nonprofits

Podcast: Play in new windowSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | RSSMy guest on the show today is Geoff Wilson. President and Founder of 352 Inc., Geoff is a tech entrepreneur, investor and mentor who found his passion for business at an early age. After starting a successful computer store in high school, Geoff began building websites in his college fraternity house room and 352 Inc. was born. 20 years later, his digital product development and marketing agency has grown to 60 employees with offices in Atlanta, Tampa and Gainesville, FL.
Highlights from this Conversation

What has worked well for you?

Test based digital marketing

Traction – book on how startups grow

Iterative approach to marketing

Run small tests in a bunch of channels to see what works
Always be running small tests in different channels

Have an approach of continuous experimentation
You can prove ROI early taking this type of approach
Must be data driven

What hasn’t worked well that we can learn from?

Planning big campaigns over long periods of time

Instead be lean and iterative
Do as little as possible and then get feedback and measure results

Then be ready to iterate and move quickly to the next thing

Must be ready to pivot and move

What are you excited about?

Video is interesting and growing

TV is shifting in major ways and will continue to do so

Social is changing is growing

Understanding how people are communicating and how they want to be communicated with

AI and Machine Learning

Episode 42 – How to drive results in your approach to web projects

Podcast: Play in new windowSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | RSSMy guest on the show today is Bo Simmons. Bo leads Cool Blue’s business development and client strategy practice as chief executive officer, combining business acumen with best practices in information architecture, design and usability to deliver award-winning results for customers. Apart from Cool Blue, Bo maintains an active presence in the industry, from serving as judge on interactive awards panels and attending usability conferences.
Highlights from this Conversation
1.What has worked well for you?

Strategy, design and development
Strategy – where do you want to go to get the outcomes you want?

Ready, fire, aim – people often overlook the step of strategy

People think they know what they want, but the don’t look inward to really understand what they need.
Ask: What problems do we want to solve here? What are the opportunities here?
Take a customer centered approach. To be customer centered you have to get out of your own way.

2. What hasn’t worked well that we can learn from?

Leadership involvement on the client’s end
 Commitment to planning
Sticking with the plan / resistance to scope creep.
Is the leadership bought in to the project?

The leadership must set the stage for successful outcomes

Commitment to planning

Plan before you look for the pretty picture
This can help to inform the team on if the project will be a success for them

Stick with the original plan

Don’t go after new, shiny things
Small changes in the organization don’t mandate a huge revamp to the website project


What are you excited about?

More personal experiences on websites like social media

Episode 41 – The Medium is the Message

Podcast: Play in new windowSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | RSSMy guest of today’s show is Arthur Rasco. Arthur is an award winning film producer and director based in North Carolina, who recently helped lead the efforts on a feature length documentary about the Ebola epidemic for Samaritan’s Purse called Facing Darkness. After working for Samaritan’s Purse for more than 11 years and filming in more than 30 countries, he’s now working on other feature length film projects independently. He has a passion for telling amazing stories, and quite often, those exist and come to us in the non-profit world as we encounter those who give and sacrifice so much for others.
Highlights from this Conversation

What has worked well for you?

The opportunity to tell stories
60 Second to 3 minutes video for social media.

Enough time to build a character and tell a story about them
The medium is the message, so you must understand the medium in order to craft your message.
Don’t forget to get still photos, even in the midst of shooting a video


What hasn’t worked well that we can learn from?

Know the end game when creating a video or presentation

How will what you are creating be used?
Is what you are creating a part of a larger media project?
How will you get traffic to what you are creating?
Does there need to be a call to action? If so, what is it?

What can we give to the audience through the stories that we are telling?


What are you excited about?

What drives people to work in difficult circumstances to help others
Excited about people’s’ stories and what we can learn from them
Related to marketing campaigns, who can you partner with?

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