Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Omega came to us wanting to rebrand themselves as more than roofing company but rather as a company that did larger projects and renovations. They also wanted a custom website design that would reflect the quality of their work.


GA HeatWave/CoolMist

Georgia Cool Mist came to us with a unique business situation. They had two distinct sides to the company, the cooling side and the heating side. They wanted us to create two “sides” to the site to accomodate these different parts of the business.


Georgia Baseball Academy

Georgia Baseball Academy is a new academy that wanted to put their best foot forward as they opened their doors. They wanted a custom, professional look to their website and a great way to keep up with their students and communicate with them via the web.


Gwinnett C&B

Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful wanted a website that would represent their goal of becoming a movement leader more than a service provider. They also wanted the ability for Gwinnett residents to be able to choose a material that they need to recycle and find a list of locations where they can recycle it.


Heatherwood Baptist

Heatherwood Baptist Church approached us looking for a company that would provide a comprehensive approach for branding, custom website design, search engine optimization and social media consulting.



Our client asked us to create a site that would utilize some of the artwork from the corporate Moes website while also showcasing content in an interesting way and allowing the client to manage their own website content.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 8.48.57 PM

Office Furniture Resources

Office Furniture Resources came us to wanting a fresh look to their site, a strategic approach for driving traffic to the right locations on the site, and the ability to manage the site easily on their own.


Staging Directions

Staging Directions came to us wanting to create a new custom website design that would really showcase the uniqueness and professionalism of their company.


Devin came to us wanting to create a logo and website to help facilitate and expand his insurance agency. He needed a custom site that would suit his personality and also direct visitors to the three main areas that he can help insure.

A Strategy…

An organization is more than the sum of its parts, and good marketing is much more than a few platforms trying to get someone to do something. We believe in creating an overarching strategic marketing plan for the organizations and people that we work with in order to guide all of their marketing efforts.

We start with a great and custom designed website as an anchor point for the whole strategic marketing plan and from there we build out different components around the website in order to accomplish the plan. Each component (Content Strategy, SEO, Social Media, Newsletter Marketing, and more) brings visitors to the website directing them to the specific content that they are interested in viewing.

To Connect…

Our goal as an Interactive Agency, is to help our clients do more than market a message. We help our clients discover the best ways to interact with their clientele, then we create a strategic marketing plan to facilitate that interaction.

We don’t believe in billboard marketing, just shouting a message out louder than everyone else and hoping that someone hears. We like the idea of what we call “homing pigeon marketing” which takes a very specific message to a specific individual. Just like a homing pigeon can “find its way home over extremely long distances” (wikipedia), we believe good marketing should do the same thing, find its way home to the individual or business that wants to receive it.

With Imagination & Intention.

We are dreamers. We love to create, innovate and push the limits of the norm. One of our goals is to go against the “typical marketing trends” because it is uniqueness that captures the imaginations of men and women not standardization. We build custom websites that are unique, brands that are different, and take an approach that may be a bit off beat. But, that’s who we are and it’s what we love.

If you want a cookie cutter strategic marketing plan, we aren’t your guys. If you want a template (logo, website, newsletter, SEO, Social Media) we don’t have that. But, if you want something interesting, off beat, fun, and innovative to capture people’s attention, then we should talk.

A guide for finding a website designer

Over the past few years we have written several blog posts to help direct potential clients shopping for a website developer. We have written these posts because there are a lot of pitfalls that customers can fall into and navigating the web design community, shopping for a quote, and then understanding what is really being
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Writing good website copy

February 25, 2015

Writing good website copy is an art, and one that some people make a lot of money creating. But, that doesn’t mean you need to be an expert writer to write good website copy. In fact, writing good website copy can be simple if you approach it the write way. Here are a... read more

Responsive website design standards and life

February 18, 2015

As needs increase in complexity and functionlality the tools for meeting those needs must increase proportionally in ability and scope.

  • ... I can tell you that they were very professional and timely in delivering the product and kept us informed every step of the way. ... --- Dr. Harris, Premier Eye Physicians
  • From start to finish and beyond the service has been great. The final product is so much better than I could have imagined.... --- Mike Reyland, The Vascular Coder
  • Adam is great to work with. He listened to what my business needs were and developed the perfect website for my company... Marc Briley, Ashby Sewing Machine Co.
  • I’m very impressed with what I see, I must say I deal with dev teams on a daily basis, and rarely I have so little to comment. This first iteration theme is great! Jac-Martin Dorion,
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