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A Creative Agency

We help
tell their story.

Our Values

drive us to create.


Because anyone
can be a copycat.


Every story
is different.




Seriously, you should
look at other sites' code.

Our Work

Some projects we love.

Our Services

A sampling of the many things we do.

Web Design

Custom web design to fit your needs perfectly.


Great branding begins with a great story.


SEO isn’t as much of a mystery as it seems.


Code is like writing poetry, and we are rhyming geniuses.

Our People

Great people make great stuff. We start with great people.

Aaron Reimann

Lead Web Developer

Aaron is one of the co-founders of Sideways 8 and the lead geek on most projects. Look at him, pretty geeky, but also pretty awesome too. He also writes in 3rd person.

Aaron ReimannAaron Reimann

Adam Walker

The "Hat Man"

Adam is a co-founder of the company and leads business development. He loves to be out meeting with people… and wearing cool hats of course.

Adam WalkerAdam Walker

David Wood

Ninja Web Developer

David works on both front and back end development, helping to build great functionality and ensuring that the sites look and function well.

David WoodDavid Wood

Gina Deaton

Midnight Oil Burner

Gina works on things that are technical and creative. She loves to write and help with strategy, but also pitches in with building sites and managing data.

Gina DeatonGina Deaton

Heather Sinyard

Project Manager

Heather’s role is to keep the trains running on time. She works closely with Adam on strategy and is a main point of contact for clients during the development process.

Heather SinyardHeather Sinyard

Jac-Martin Dorion

Creative Director

With 18 years of experience, Marty’s role is to guide all visual design. His attention to detail and passion for excellent design help make sure that every site features a great user experience.

Jac-Martin DorionJac-Martin Dorion

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